Junior student demonstrating cobra move on Lyra (Aerial Hoop)
Cobra on Aerial Hoop

The Luna junior programme, available for children aged 5-7 and 8-12, introduces children to the fantastic world of aerial circus and acrobatics. The programme is divided into levels each with different competencies to complete. Children work at their own pace to achieve a variety of aerial and floor based tricks and sequences.


Beginners levels 1 to 3:

Aerial hoop, hammock and floor acrobatics. The aim of these levels is to get the children used to working on wobbly aerial apparatus, developing core strength, improving coordination, building confidence in themselves and trust in others. Most importantly it is to have fun.


Beginners levels 4 to 6:

Aerial hoop, hammock, silks, trapeze and floor acrobatics. In these levels we introduce more technical pieces of apparatus - the silks and trapeze. Children will build on their skills already acquired, including creating their own sequences.


Junior student demonstrating a Crossback Straddle on Silks
Crossback Straddle on Silks

Intermediate levels 7, 8, 9, 10:

Aerial hoop, hammock, silks and trapeze. At the intermediate level tricks become more complex. Children continue to build on their foundation of knowledge acquired in the beginners levels. Partner work is now incorporated on the aerial apparatus. Floor acrobatics is no longer part of the curriculum, however there are opportunities to progress with acrobatics in other classes at Luna.


Following completion of intermediate level 10, children will progress to advance level classes. These classes will allow the children to focus on their apparatus of choice, or continue working on them all. The coach will teach them new tricks and support them with their development.


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