Fenella And SJ Demonstrating Doubles Amazon Aerial Hoop
Fenella & SJ - Doubles Amazon

The aerial hoop, also known as the lyra, is a spectacular circus art form. The apparatus is a steel hoop suspended in the air, which has the option of being rigged on a single point, double point and on a spin.

Aerial hoop is a fun way to build strength, get fit and toned. The participant will follow the Luna syllabus allowing them to build up from individual tricks to creating sequences. There is a focus on participants finding their own style (most instructors here don't come from a dance background), we encourage individuality. No level of fitness or strength is required to start.

There are opportunities to perform in studio shows and at external events, no pressure is put on an individual to do this. There is the opportunity to compete in aerial hoop, at an in-house, national and international level. These opportunities are open to everyone.

Screenshot_2020-12-09_at_153539.png aimee_od_hoop.jpg chloe_hoop.jpg emma_d_hoop.png fjandsj.jpg helena_hoop.jpg laura_smith_hoop_chilled.jpg lucy_harwood_hoop.jpg