Acrobatics is a floor based circus art with gymnastic elements. Students will work individually, in partners and larger groups to perform balances, lifts and dynamic tricks. Classes will have a conditioning element to build strength. There will also be a basic tumbling element to get students used to going upside down and spinning. Individuals will work on balancing techniques such as handstands and headstands as well as using balancing canes. Students will then come together to work on partner and group tricks such as standing on shoulders etc. No previous gymnastic ability or level of fitness required.

We have a class just for adults and teens, plus a mixed age group class (adults and children). In the latter class the children should expect to be “flyers” as it is unlikely they will hold an adult's body weight.

Gymnastics classes focus on the individual. Students of all abilities and fitness are welcome. Classes will have a conditioning element to build strength and flexibility training. Students will learn a range of skills such as rolls, cartwheels, handstands, progressing to tumbling skills such as round-off, backflips, handsprings etc. Please note that we are not associated with British Gymnastics and as such do not follow their curriculum.

We run classes for just children in gymnastics (see Junior Specialisation) , plus a mixed age group too (adults and children).

There are elements of acrobatics and gymnastics in the junior circus programme.

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