Our aim is to make Luna your happy place, where you can realise your potential, undertake amazing tricks, get fit and generally have fun.

To ensure Luna is a comfortable environment for everyone, we ask the following of you all…


Your health

★ Please do not attend Luna if you are unwell. If you are experiencing symptoms of a fever, particularly those of Covid-19 (https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/), cold and flu symptoms or any other contagious illness we ask that you keep yourself at home and get better.

○ If you suspect Covid-19 and are awaiting test results please stay home from Luna until you are given the all clear by a healthcare professional.

★ Ensure your GoTeamUp booking account details are up to date - including health questionnaire, medication, allergies and emergency contact.

★ In an effort to reduce the transmissions of contagions all students, instructors and other visitors to Luna will be expected to do the following:

○ Arrive no earlier than 10 minutes to your class - please wait outside until that time

○ We recommend wearing facemasks in the studio prior to class - when exercising you do not have to wear a mask

○ Sanitise hands upon arrival - we have a supply in the entrance hall if you do not have your own supply

○ Leave coats and shoes out in the entrance hall

○ Only bring necessary items to the studio - we recommend in your kit bag you have: a drink (note only water is permitted on the studio floor), hand sanitiser (we have supplies freely available but it is bulk industrial gel - no nice perfume), hand towel for sweat and also to dry your hands after using the toilet facilities (paper towels available if you forget), grip aids such as chalk. Plus phone and wallet!

○ Please head to the waiting area

○ You will be asked to wipe down the apparatus you have used during class - cleaning supplies will be provided. The Luna staff will give a thorough clean after your departure. Gloves are available if you experience dermatitis. Please ensure you have updated the booking site forms if you have any allergies.

○ Clean/sanitise your hands upon departure

★ Food is not permitted on the studio floor and only in the waiting area. Ensure your hands are clean before consumption.

★ There is limited space in our waiting area, therefore we ask that you do not invite people to spectate. Adults responsible for children in our classes are able to stay should you wish; however only one adult is permitted to stay per child/ siblings. You are absolutely welcome to leave your child and collect later. Where possible, we advise against bringing other children to the studio to wait (to minimise bodies in the studio, plus they can get bored!) - please understand if you cannot leave a sibling/other child at home we will of course allow you all to stay.

★ In the waiting area and on the studio floor we advise you to keep 2 metres apart from one another.

★ Coaches involved in spotting/physical assisting will wear a facemask and will apply hand gel prior to supporting you. If you are in immediate danger however the coach will rush to your aid which may mean no mask.

★ The activities are exhausting, at all levels. You are welcome to, and are encouraged to take time out of the session for a rest at any time. It is important to stay hydrated, bring plenty of water to class. Drinks are available to purchase, and there is access to tap water.

★ The activities at Luna described above come with an inherent risk of minor injury such as bruising, blisters and sore muscles. The apparatus, especially as a beginner, can feel very uncomfortable. Therefore if at any time you experience discomfort and want to stop you are welcome to. The coach will respect your wishes.

★ A qualified first aider will be on site at all times (please note at this time some instructors are due a refresher but have not been able to complete this yet due to covid-19 restrictions 11/08/2020)


Your safety

★ The circus arts, acrobatics, pole dance and aerials are classified as high risk activities. Participation is at your own risk. We shall not be held responsible for harm or injuries brought on by

○ Unauthorised use of the equipment

○ Undertaking tricks not learnt at Luna

○ Injury through ignoring the safety advice of the coach/instructor ○ Worsening of undeclared ailments/injuries

○ Injury due to poor cognitive response brought on by the consumption of alcohol, narcotics, prescribed medication or any other substance.

○ Unsafe practice/continued unruly behaviour

○ Refusing the use of safety apparatus

★ Prolonged unsafe behaviour, despite warnings will likely involve dismissal from the class and/or expulsion from the club.

★ Attending classes at Luna you accept the risks that are associated with them. Whilst we do our utmost to keep you safe unfortunately accidents can still happen. These are extreme sports and therefore should be undertaken with care and respect.

★ All participants must undertake the warm-up led by an instructor, assistant or authorised volunteer. Those that are late to class may not be able to attend - this is at the individual coaches discretion.

★ As with warm-ups all participants must complete the cool down led by the coach. The only exception is for those attending another class immediately after; however the coach may wish you to undertake it anyway.

★ Your instructor will guide you through tricks. Do not be disheartened if we do not allow you to try a trick we deem unsuitable for you. You often need to build up strength, flexibility or an understanding of the apparatus.

★ Our coaches/instructors have years of experience in aerial, pole and acro as performers and as instructors. We do not have a governing body. There are aerial schools that have developed syllabuses and coaching certificates. We have chosen to undertake these for our own continued professional development. It is also reassuring to have other respected instructors certify that we are practising safely. Examples of courses include: X-pert (International), Spin City (UK), Flying Fantastic (UK) and The New England Center of Circus Arts (USA).

★ The apparatus we use is from approved suppliers with a reputation for safety. Should you wish to use your own apparatus -this must be approved by Fenella before the class (minimum of 72 hours prior). Please do not turn up and expect to be able to use it. The apparatus will be for your sole use. The exception to this are yoga mats, blocks and stretch bands.


Your well-being

★ At Luna we welcome people of all ages, genders, race, religion and sexual orientation. Any participants that are acting in a discriminatory nature will be advised of their actions. Support in understanding why particular actions are discriminatory will be given. Continued ignorance will result in expulsion from Luna.

★ If you experience discrimination or bullying let us know. We will support you. We ask that you speak with your instructor, you are also welcome to email us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Details of our anti-bullying policy are here http://lunaacro.com/images/Safeguarding/Anti-Bullying_Policy_July_2020.pdf

★ Let us know if you/or your child has a special educational need and/or a disability - we want you to get the most of your time at Luna, so if there are ways we can help let us know.

★ Abide by our Code of Conduct for participants - http://lunaacro.com/images/Safeguarding/Luna_Acro_Student_CoC.pdf

★ Spectators, parents and responsible adults are to abide by our Code of Conduct for Parents - http://lunaacro.com/images/Safeguarding/Luna_Acro_Parent_Carer_CoC.pdf

★ Circus arts, pole, acro and aerial are creative activities. There are competitions that we welcome all our students to participate in; however we will only ever use encouragement to support you. We prefer the “carrot approach rather than the stick”. Competitions are there for people that want to do them, others may prefer performing, and most will just enjoy the thrill of the activity.

★ Our instructors and other staff employed or volunteering for Luna will abide by the Luna Code of Conduct for Instructors - http://lunaacro.com/images/Safeguarding/Luna_Acro_Coaches_CoC.pdf

★ Non-adherence to the codes of conduct by any party may result in expulsion/dismissal from Luna.

★ It’s okay not to be okay is a motto we stand by. We actively encourage open conversation, if you have had a bad day then have a rant, if you feel sad have a cry. This is your safe space to be yourself. If we can support you/direct you in anyway we shall.

○ Aerial coach/instructor Claire is an AskMe Ambassador for Stop Domestic Abuse

○ Head coach/owner Fenella is a pharmacist (MPharm)

○ Aerial coach/instructor Stevie works for the British Red Cross supporting refugees and asylum seeker

○ Our welfare team consists of Mary (school teacher with a special interest in safeguarding and a “Luna mum”) and Claire (aerial coach). More details below.

★ Safeguarding is our main priority - this means looking out for young and vulnerable persons to ensure their safety within the studio and outside. If you have any concerns about a student, any visitors to Luna or any of our coaches please contact our welfare team. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you prefer to speak face to face we can arrange that. If you feel someone is in immediate danger call 999.

○ Safeguarding policy statement http://lunaacro.com/images/Safeguarding/Luna_Safeguarding_Policy_Satement.pdf

○ Safeguarding policy http://lunaacro.com/images/Safeguarding/Safeguarding_and_Protecting_Children_Policy_2020docx.pdf

○ Safeguarding guide for parents http://lunaacro.com/images/Safeguarding/Luna_Parent_Safeguarding_Guide.pdf

○ All our staff have an up to date DBS check

★ Freedom of self-expression is something to be encouraged and we want participants to be themselves whilst at the studio. We do ask that clothes of an offensive nature are not worn - e.g. with swear words or derogatory terms. Nudity is not permitted! In class we want you to find your own style of performing - if an exotic style is your thing we ask that you reserve this to classes that are for adults.