Sarah-Jane Demonstrating a Mermaid on the Aerial Hoop
SJ - Mermaid

Sarah-jane discovered pole dance for fitness when she lived in Australia back in 2015. SJ loved the team spirit at the club, the supportive nature of the sport and the opportunity to be creative, including wearing incredible high heeled shoes. SJ was a gymnast specialising in the trampoline and taught it at the club she attended.

Instructor training

  • Aerial hoop beginner level - Spin City Instructor training
  • Aerial hoop intermediate level - Spin City
  • Sling beginner level - Spin City
  • Stretching and flexibility - Spin City
  • Strength and conditioning - Spin City
  • Pole beginner level - Spin City


  • Solent pole and aerial competition 2015
  • UK Aerial Championship Midlands round winner of the instructor category 2020
  • International Pole and Aerial Tournament - semi finalist 2019 and 2015
  • Circesque - Essex
  • Circus Fest 2018
  • Polefanatics showcase Melbourne, Australia

As well as coaching at Luna, Sarah-Jane is the in-house events and competitions coordinator at Luna, lead organiser of South Hampshire Aerial Competition and is in charge of social media and communications at Luna.

Sarah-Jane showing her first place Lyra instructors certificate for Midlands region at the UK Aerial Performance Championship 2020
SJ - First Place Midlands Region Lyra Instructor 2020