Starting out

There is no prerequisite to children starting classes at Luna. If they have experience in gymnastics and dance, whilst that will be beneficial, they will still start at the beginning. 


Booking a class

Please email us for availability This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you cannot attend the day we offer let us know what days and times you can do and we will pop you on a wait list.


Personal Development

Children all develop and attain skills at different times. Children are moved on to the next level when we feel it is safe for them to do so. This can be in their ability to recall and undertake the tricks, to their ability to take instruction from the coach and maintain safe behaviour in the class. We need to be sure that a child will take direction, if in the worst case scenario, they are tangled at the top of the silks and need help getting down.


Share Information

Upon registering for classes at Luna, we will ask for

  • Medical information for example joint problems, breathing difficulties etc.
  • Information on any special educational needs or disabilities for example hearing problems, autism

This information will help the coach as best as possible run the class. If you know things that help your child let us know, for example if they concentrate well with a fidget toy then tell us and bring it to class. If you feel you will need to be present in the class, perhaps a child has aphasia, then let us know and we will accommodate you where it is safe to.


How The Class Runs

Classes all start with a warm-up and it is imperative that all students participate to ensure their bodies are ready for exercise. This is for their safety. The coach will refuse class participation if the student misses the warm up (5 minutes late after the start time).

After warm-up the main activity will commence. This may be one piece of apparatus e.g. aerial hoop for the entirety or it may be split up e.g. floor work followed by sling. As well as in the warm up, there will always be an element of strength training called conditioning which will consist of a few activities on the apparatus e.g. pull-ups on the hoop.

Our instructors will guide your children through the moves, giving verbal and visual explanations. Children are expected to sit and watch until they are told to try the trick, but only if the coach feels they have understood. Children are openly encouraged to seek clarification and ask for help.

To support their learning and to keep them safe, the instructor may physically assist, which we call spotting. We will always say if we are going to spot and will say where, for example “when we do the back balance I will spot you under the bar by your shoulders”. There may be an instance where we have to intervene, without immediate consent or explanation, if we feel they are at risk of harm. If your child cannot tolerate physical interaction, we shall respect this, but on the understanding if we feel they are at risk we will reach in to help.

At the end of the class, the instructor will conduct a cool down consisting of stretches. The children are expected to participate in this to reduce muscle soreness and improve flexibility. It also creates good habits for exercise and physical health.



Sadly due to the lack of space within the studio and lack of parking spaces we cannot have spectators. We will occasionally let children bring their phones or tablets in to film, and there are also the student showcases where you can watch them.


What To Wear And Bring

Aerial classes including hoop, sling, silks and trapeze we recommend wearing leggings or jogging bottoms plus a top that covers the torso like a t-shirt.

Pole classes you will need to eventually get some skin out to grip, so shorts and a vest top are recommended. For the warm up and stretch you will want some warm clothes, so wear some layers.

Acro classes we recommend general sports clothes, baggy clothes can be slippery so make sure things like joggers can be tied up, so that there are no embarrassing mishaps!

In the winter months it gets very cold, so please wear lots of layers, including socks.

Hair must be tied up, earrings and other body piercings should be removed or covered. Other jewellery must be removed.

Bring a drink, in a bottle that can be sealed.