We run classes for children aged 5 to 16 (inclusive) during the term time in the acrobatic and aerial circus arts at our studio located in Fareham. We have classes just for little ones aged 5 to 7 year olds, plus classes just for teens - as sometimes they don’t want to hang out with little ones!

The circus arts are a great form of exercise to build strength, flexibility and stamina, but they are also a creative outlet to work on performance and build self confidence.

We recommend children start with our junior circus programme as this creates a good foundation for all the aerial apparatus, as a lot of skills are transferable. We do allow children to attend apparatus specific classes as beginners, if this is what they want to do. If they become advanced in one apparatus, for example silks, they will have to attend the beginners class if they want to then learn something new, like the hoop.


The junior circus programme is unique to Luna and has been developed by founder Fenella. This is a staged progression which develops the children to understand how to safely train circus skills and to achieve ever increasingly complex tricks and sequences. As children progress they achieve certificates and can move up to the next level. The most important aim is that children have fun!


Levels 1, 2 and 3 are all about teaching a safe introduction to the aerial and acrobatic arts.

Through activities on the floor and aerial apparatus we hope to improve the children's core strength and joint stability, which is crucial to injury prevention. In these levels, especially level one, we develop our expectation of behaviour in the class, the importance of listening to instruction and asking for help, the safe use of circus equipment and how to respectfully work together.

The children will learn foundation tricks and sequences on the floor, aerial hoop and sling which they can build on, as they progress. The aerial hoop and sling are great starter aerial apparatus for children as they can advance well on them learning plenty of tricks, whilst building strength, improving balance and developing their spatial awareness.

A lot of the key moves learnt on the aerial hoop, sling and floor are essential for more advanced tricks and for training the trapeze and silks in later levels.


These levels include the aerial silks and trapeze, as well the aerial hoop, sling and floor. Children will also start to piece sequences together to form mini routines, if they want to try that.


acro.jpg silks.jpg sling.jpg



These classes focus on just one piece of apparatus such as the hoop, sling, trapeze or silks. We occasionally do workshops in pole and acrobatics too. Children will learn the foundation tricks for that apparatus from the junior programme, but then move on to more complex tricks and sequences at the coaches discretion.




The circus is a very cool hobby to have and has lots of benefits including building physical fitness and mental resilience. Whilst at Luna there will be opportunities to perform and compete should this be something the children want to do.


All students will be invited to perform in our student showcases. These are a great opportunity to show families and friends your latest skills. These showcases are often in the Summer time and at Christmas as part of our end of year awards night.

We often attend summer fayres and festivals. Students will be invited to attend these, either as a performance troupe or a freestyle piece.


Circus competitions are relatively new and are growing in popularity. Luna as a club has had great success in regional, national and international competitions. All children are welcome to participate in competitions and we will support them fully.

At the Luna studio we hold our “in-house” competition which mimics bigger external competitions, so is a great starting place for those wanting to take that route. We also have our Rising Star competition which is a very informal competition for our beginner level students that do the junior circus programme.


Learning the circus arts is a great addition to anyone pursuing a career in dance, acting, and the entertainment industry as a lot of shows are including it in their performances. Holiday companies and cruise ships include “circus” as part of their evening entertainment.

People can further their training, with us as an adult, but can undertake higher education courses at institutions such as the University of Chichester, Circomedia in Bristol, National Centre for Circus Arts in London.