Our aim is to make Luna a happy and safe place, where everyone can realise their potential, undertake amazing tricks, get fit and generally have fun.

To help achieve this, we ask the following of everyone…


Feeling unwell


● Please do not attend the studio if you feel unwell, especially if you have any symptoms of covid. Stay home and get better. We will follow the UK government's guidelines for covid, as well as any other contagious diseases.

● If you are awaiting results of a PCR test do not attend until you have been advised it is safe to by a healthcare professional.



Whilst at the studio


● Please clean your hands before and after attending the studio.

● Wear clean clothes that are appropriate for the activity you are undertaking. We recommend wearing plenty of layers for the warm up and for stretching out at the end of class. In the winter the studio can be chilly.

○ Pole: shorts, vest top, t-shirt, cropped top, sticky leggings

○ Aerial: leggings, joggers, vest top, t-shirt, long sleeved top, leotard, catsuit

○ Acrobatics: leggings, joggers, shorts, vest top, t-shirt, leotard

● Anyone under the influence of alcohol, drugs or deemed unsafe in any way will not be permitted to participate.

● Smoking, including vaping, is not permitted in or immediately outside the studio.

● Only water, in a sealed bottle, is allowed on the studio floor.

● Food may be consumed in the waiting area, we ask that you take your rubbish home. Mess must be cleared up.

● Please only bring essential items to class (water, phone, car keys). We are not responsible for any loss or damage to your property at the studio, this applies to any vehicles parked at the industrial estate.

● You must adhere to our guidance for photography and filming

○ Filming/photographing coaches is not permitted unless you have asked prior, and at each occasion.

○ You may not photograph/film/take details of coaches lesson plans or other intellectual property without prior permission. Coaches may refuse to allow this and their decision will be supported without question.

○ Spectators must not film/photograph any participants - even if their own, this is of great importance with our junior students.

○ Junior students will not be allowed their mobile phones on the studio floor without permission from the coach in charge on that day.

○ Any photographs/videos taken in a class setting that have other participants in the background must be cleared with those individuals before posting on social media. We are not responsible for any content uploaded to social media or other media outlets by students.



Supportive environment


● The coaches will plan a lesson that they feel is appropriate to the level of the class. All participants are different, with varying strengths, flexibility and experiences. Our coaches want you to get the most out of your time. Please ask if you need help, clarification and spotting (a reassuring physical support). Sometimes the moment you go upside down, you forget everything you just learnt. We will help you.

○ Do not be disheartened if we do not allow you to try a trick we deem unsuitable for you. You often need to build up strength, flexibility or an understanding of the apparatus.

● Let us do the teaching, you are here to learn and enjoy yourself. Whilst we don’t mind you helping one another out, don’t be tempted to teach them a move they have never done. Also don’t be tempted to try something you have seen without guidance from a Luna coach.

○ Our coaches have years of experience in aerial, pole and acro as performers and as instructors. At present there is not a governing body for aerial, pole and circus in the UK. Our team have chosen to complete coaching courses and gain recognised qualifications from a variety of well respected circus schools, aerial and pole institutions including X-pert (International), Spin City (UK), Flying Fantastic (UK) and The New England Center of Circus Arts (USA).

● Make us aware of any health issues via the booking site and in person prior to class (especially if you have a new or minor injury).

● Let us support your learning by advising us how we can assist with any particular special educational need or disability.

● At any time during class if you need to take a break, please do. The circus arts are exhausting both mentally and physically. If there is a trick you don’t feel comfortable with, or don’t want to do for any reason just say. We won’t make you do anything you don’t want to.

● We ask that any parents, caregivers and spectators are supportive to their child / participant and ask that they adhere to our code of conduct for parents and caregivers



Staying Safe


● The circus arts, aerial, pole and acrobatics are classed as extreme sports and inherently come with a high level of risk. Your attendance at Luna means you have considered the activity, asked any questions you may have, agree to abide by the coaches instruction and are willing to participate.

● It is likely that you will at some point experience minor injuries such as bruising, blisters, sore and aching muscles. This is especially apparent as a beginner.

● A qualified first aider will be present at all times. A basic first aid kit is located in the studio. The nearest defibrillator is located on the industrial estate at Segensworth Autos.

● We will not be responsible for any harm or injuries brought on through

○ Unauthorised or inappropriate use of the equipment

○ Undertaking tricks, moves not learnt at Luna.

○ Injury through ignoring the safety advice of the coach

○ Worsening of undeclared ailments/injuries

○ Injury due to poor cognitive response brought on by the consumption of alcohol, narcotics, prescribed medication or any other substance

○ Unsafe practice/continued unruly behaviour

○ Refusing the use of safety apparatus

● Prolonged unsafe behaviour, despite warnings will likely involve dismissal from the class and/or expulsion from the club

● All participants must undertake the warm-up and cool down led by a coach, assistant or authorised volunteer. Children that are 5 minutes late to class will have missed a significant proportion of the warm up and therefore will not be permitted to continue the session. Adults that are late, may be allowed to continue, this is at the discretion of the coach.

● The apparatus we use is from approved suppliers with a reputation for safety. Should you wish to use your own apparatus, it must be approved by Fenella before the class (minimum of 72 hours, from the initial response from Fenella). You will be expected to provide details of the manufacturer, date of purchase and details of any special rigging configurations/calculations. You must also provide all your own additional rigging apparatus (strops/ spansets/ carabiners etc) and will need to sign a disclosure that we are not responsible for you whilst you are on your apparatus. The apparatus will be for your sole use and may not be brought in for use in a group class setting. The exceptions to this are yoga mats, blocks and stretch bands.

● Students, and other persons not employed / engaged in a volunteer capacity at Luna must not touch, interfere, or get involved with any aspect of rigging without prior consent. Fenella has undertaken training with Total Solutions - rigging course for aerialists and also High Performance - rigging fundamentals for aerialists.



Your well-being


● Students of all ages are expected to abide by our student code of conduct to ensure we maintain a safe, happy environment for all.

● Our approach to teaching is that we are all different and one teaching style does not fit all. We understand that people have different abilities, we will learn at different rates to each other, some people may be able to achieve one thing, whilst another cannot. The wonderful thing about the circus arts is that it is about a personal journey.

○ Our junior programme has a syllabus created by Fenella to give students a foundation of skills from which they can take and explore further upon completion of the levels. The programme ensures a safe development, allowing for creative aspects in the child to shine through.

○ Competitions are a relatively new aspect of the circus arts and form a more “sport / dance” element. We will support anyone that wants to pursue this avenue, however there will not be the pressure to do so.

○ We won’t force anyone to do anything they do not want to do.

● The circus arts including acrobatics, aerial and pole do not have a regulatory body as yet in the United Kingdom. Here at Luna our coaches follow a code of conduct for coaches written with guidelines from the Child Protection in Sport Unit .

● Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Whilst we may not be able to give you answers or help, we are here to listen. If you've had a day from hell and want to cry then let it out. Luna should be your safe space to do so.

○ Fenella is a qualified pharmacist with over 15 years in practice

○ Mary is our student safeguarding and welfare lead. Mary is a school teacher with an expertise in special educational needs and disabilities.

○ Useful supportive websites include Mind, Sport in Mind, Time to Change, NHS

● If you experience discrimination or bullying, or witness any such behaviours do let us know. Please speak with your coach, or any of the Luna team. You may email us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you prefer. You can also refer to our anti-bullying policy.





Safeguarding is our main priority - this means looking out for young and vulnerable persons to ensure their safety within the studio and outside. All our staff have an up to date DBS check, receive regular training and support in recognising signs of abuse and neglect, and are aware of how to report a concern. All staff adhere to our safeguarding policy. We have a safeguarding guide for parents and carers here.

Our safeguarding lead / officer is Mary Bond and our deputy is Fenella Carcary. If you have any concerns about a student, any visitors to Luna or any of our coaches please contact our welfare team. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you prefer to speak face to face or via the telephone we can arrange that

If you feel someone is in immediate danger call 999.

For additional support please visit the NSPCC website.