Our Purpose

We exist to make the seemingly impossible, possible! Together, our coaches, students and their families empower every person who walks through the door to explore their individuality and creativity in a safe, inclusive and fun environment!


Our Vision

For every customer to think of Luna as their 'happy place'; where they come to learn circus skills but leave having learnt more about themselves and what they are capable of, free from prejudice and judgement. A place where people of all abilities come to express themselves, test their capabilities and discover the true value of community.


L.U.N.A Values



Our experienced coaches come from a range of backgrounds, but all have the same passion for what we do. We love teaching, performing and entertaining, but even more importantly we love the journey of self discovery that we go one with every student in our community. Because we love what we do we continuously educate ourselves to keep up to date with advancements in performance, safety and instruction.


Everybody has a different story to tell. Our life experiences, culture, perceptions and ideas are what make us individuals. The circus arts allow for the exploration of self. To achieve what may feel beyond our capabilities, in an encouraging environment that allows for creativity and self-expression. We understand that our bodies, physically, have different capabilities. We focus on exploring what we can do and what amazing things our body can achieve.


We are a safe place, where individuals are nurtured to achieve their potential. There is a mutual understanding between the coach and the individual that this is a guided development. Coaches, students and our wider Luna family support one another. Our codes of conduct set the expected behaviour to ensure everyone is treated fairly and with respect.


We celebrate all our individual achievements; from the very small breakthroughs in class to the completion of syllabus levels, through showcases, festivals, outdoor performances and our annual awards evening. The circus arts are an emerging competitive sport and every student is supported to compete if this aligns to their individual goals and comfort levels. We understand that achievement is subjective and personal.